Conductor Mikhail Arkhipov: an impulse from outside that gives rise to meaning

The artists of the Syzran Viva Classica chamber orchestra have been participating in intensive rehearsals with the young Moscow symphony conductor Mikhail Arkhipov for several days now.
We talked to him the day before. Conductor Arkhipov, having received an excellent metropolitan education, shared why he continues to perform with provincial orchestras and how is versatile and interesting the conductor's creative work.
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Romantic dialogues against the background of the orchestra

In January-February, young guest conductors worked at the Togliatti Philharmonic - first Victoria Dobrovolskaya with the program "Visiting a Fairy Tale", then Mikhail ARKHIPOV with the performance of works by Schubert and Sullivan in the aspect of "unexpected parallels". The symphony orchestra got a new experience, and the listeners were acquainted with rarely performed works. For example, the music of the English composer Sullivan sounded in the city for the first time.
Anna Lukyanchikova, Fresh newspaper. Culture”, No. 4 (201) Alexis Moiseeva
Moscow conductor will perform in Tambov with the project “One against destiny”

A concert of the Tambov Symphony Orchestra and conductor Mikhail Arkhipov (Moscow) will be held at the TSU Educational Theater on February 9. The performance will be a part of the conductor’s project “One against destiny”.
The works of Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert will be performed by the Tambov Symphony Orchestra

This Sunday music lovers will hear “Masterpieces of world classics”. Great composers will be performed as part of the All-Russian project “One Against Destiny”. Its producer is Moscow conductor Mikhail Arkhipov. The all-Russian cultural project started in 2017. It is included for 5 years and includes 10 concerts in small cities of Russia.

Anastasia Rogova. Alexander Tormosov.
"One against destiny." The Moscow conductor Mikhail Arkhipov is preparing a surprise for Tambov residents together with the Tambov Symphony Orchestra.

A rehearsal of a large concert was held at the Educational Theater today. The main objective of the project is to make academic music more popular. Tambov was among the ten cities that Mikhail Arkhipov included in the tour.

Mikhail Arkhipov: "Each concert is a small life"

The project "Show of three organs" caused an unprecedented stir among the Smolensk public. Two sold-out concerts in a row, was ending in a very stormy ovation. Moreover, not only the auditorium, but also the stage of the Philharmonic was densely filled: three organs, two choirs, a chamber orchestra, a conductor, an entertainer and soloists. It is clear that such a grandiose action could not do without the attention of and became the reason for our meeting with the conductor of the project, Mikhail Arkhipov...
The Magic of Mikhail Arkhipov’s Conductor’s baton in Smolensk (Russian)

In early November, an unprecedented event will take place in the Smolensk Philharmonic - a concert of contemporary organ music, “The Show of Three Organ”. Anastasia Petrakova
When I'm inside music, people follow me” (rus.)

Smolensk music lovers expect a new interesting acquaintance this weekend. An invited Moscow conductor, laureate of the All-Russian Competition for Young Conductors, scholarship holder of the E. Bystritskaya Foundation in the field of musical art - Mikhail Arkhipov will appear before the public on November 1 and 2, He will be at the podium of the Chamber Orchestra of the Smolensk Philharmonic all evening. Yana Light
"Miserly" does not pay twice, or Crossover Opera for All (rus.)

The 18th century comic opera Vasky Pashkevich, The Miserly, on the libretto of Yakov Knyazhnin formed the basis for a joint project of the Musical Journal Creative Center and the Cabinet of musical theaters of the STD RF - the International Creative Laboratory "Russian Classics - Music of the World", which received a grant from the President of the Russian Federation in 2017 Maria Zhilkina
The governor's chapel performed under the leadership of the Moscow conductor (rus.)

The concert of the Governor's symphonic chapel took in the regional philharmonic. The Moscow conductor Mikhail Arkhipov conducted as a guest conductor.He presented his original program “One Against Destiny” (6+) together with the Penza musicians, which they jointly prepared in just a couple of rehearsals.
TV Express
The triumph of the classics, or Vivat, Zauralsky symphonic! (Rus.)

The event, which the Kurgans were so eagerly awaiting, was in the Great Hall of the Kurgan Philharmonic.
Perhaps the word “triumph” sounds too pathetic, but I assure everyone that when we, the listeners and accomplices of this musical miracle, came out to meet the winter cold, everyone’s heart beat beats enthusiastically and quickened, in some kind of jubilant rhythm.
Kurgan and Kurgan. Love Kocharina.
One against fate (rus.)

A concert of the Zauralsky Symphony Orchestra will be December 29, 2017. Art Director and Principal Conductor - Anton Shnitkin. The program “One Against Destiny” is dedicated to four geniuses - V.А. Mozart, L.V. Beethoven, K.M. Weber and F. Schubert.
This is the first concert of the exclusive project of conductor Mikhail Arkhipov (Moscow), which will be part of the subscription “Symphonic music in Kurgan”

Kurgan Regional Philharmonic
A conductor Mikhail Arkhipov from the capital came to the regional philharmonic with a master class for the first time(Rus.).

A wave of wand, the first notes under the new leadership sounded. So, the acquaintance took place.
Mikhail Arkhipov overcame several thousand kilometers for the give of a big goal. The project that he conceived has no analogues in Russia. The conductor will performed with ten different orchestras across the country. Kurgan this list opens.
GTRK Kurgan
Mikhail Arkhipov called Sudzha a separate region of Russia (rus.)

Touring theater and ballet companies are a common phenomenon in our lives, but conductors in this role are the exception rather than the rule. Nevertheless, they are, and even some! Last week, Mikhail Arkhipov, a graduate of the Russian Gnesins’ Academy of music and Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, a scholar of the Elina Bystritskaya Foundation, came to our city from Moscow, and this is not a complete list of his merits. Mikhail arrived in our city to conduct the Kursk Orchestra of Wind Instruments and Melloton Big Band.
The newspaper "Kursk" Nadezhda Glazkova.
Why does the conductor need a stick and why shouldn't he conduct with his whole body (Rus.)

Within the framework of the Year of Culture, Ugra conductors are now raising their qualifications. For the first time in Khanty-Mansiysk, courses for those who want to learn all the details of conducting are organized in the district. The course organized Russian Gnesins’ Academy of music and the Ugra Brass Band. Honored masters were invited to conduct master classes.

Yugra TV Anastasia Levdina, Anton Shipunov.
Article about the music of S. S. Prokofiev to \ "Lieutenant Kizhe"

M. Arkhipov. Suite of Sergey Prokofiev "Lieutenant Kizhe" (op. 60): some issues of composition and orchestration.

It is widely believed that music for films is less worthy of attention than academic music, that this is a kind of “consumer goods” by which the composer earns money for writing more serious compositions.
S.Prokofev in this respect was an exception. Perhaps the secret here lies not only in the genius of the composer, but also in the fact that he was one of the first in Russia who began to write film music with a full-fledged symphonic composition.

Mikhail ARKHIPOV: "The path of the classics today is in its connection with modernity" (Rus.)

In the dossier of a young musician, a graduate of the Russian Gnesins’ Academy of music today there are many interesting projects. He is also the winner of the All-Russian Competition of Young Conductors, a scholar of the E. Bystritskaya Foundation, at one time he had an internship at the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia. In more detail about the upcoming program, Mikhail Arkhipov told in a remote interview with the agency "Tatar-inform".

La Primavera
Mikhail Arkhipov: Chief among equals (Rus.).

In the conductor's world, the process of rejuvenation is rapidly underway. In place of the generation of the great comes a generation of young. For several months already, the attention of Khabarovsk spectators has been attracted by the competition for the post of chief conductor of the Far Eastern Academy.
The best in Khabarovsk. Elena Ivanova
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